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Browning Treatment and Coffee Stain Remover

Reverses browning and removes stubborn coffee and tea stains. Suitable for use on stain-resist carpet.

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Predator is a fast acting, hi-performance, moderate pH, pre-spray / spotter that is designed for use on new generation carpets. Predator incorporates anti-corrosives to protect your equipment, anti-re soiling agents to enhance the quality of your cleaning, and low VOC's to protect the environment.

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Pro-Zyme is a super concentrate detergent/enzyme blend formulated to quickly and safely digest and break down the toughest heavy soil and grease. When used as directed, “Pro-Zyme” will out clean other types of degreasers and pre-sprays.

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Performance leader on protein and greasy soils as well as blood, food, coffee and urine stains. Superior results in homes, food service areas and health care environments.

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Dirt Chaser

Dirt Chaser is a moderate pH enzyme pre-spray/spotter. Dirt Chaser competes with high pH products and can also be used as a protein spotter. Dirt Chaser is great for breaking up grease and oil from cooking and other organic stains.

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Ultra Pac Traftic Lane Cleaner

Traffic Lane Cleaner is a concentrated pre-conditioning carpet cleaning detergent with deep penetrating action for heavily soiled carpet. Its combination of builders and detergents with a solvent boost for aggressive cleaning action removes grease and heavy soil with ease. Traffic Lane Cleaner is an ideal product for power injection sprayers.

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Firestorm is the go to pre-spray/TLCfor extreme soil cleaning when you want to pull out all the stops and get the job done. It is designed for use in commercial applications such as Restaurants, Apartments, etc. where extremely heavy soil encountered. Firestorm is not recommended for natural fibers or stain resistant carpets.

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